Multiple G120E I2C Issues (SCL Pin Internally Short to DGnd)

Here is the story so far…

2x Batches of 3x G120E-SM-532 Modules were ordered the past 6 Months (Total of 6x Units).
These G120E Modules replaced the EMX Modules that were used for development the previous six months without any (hardware) problems whatsoever.

Of this 6 (six) units the following problems were encountered with all 6 of the modules. The G120E are used on a Custom Board with DC/DC Power Supply, Ethernet , SD Card and USB connections. Two (2) of these custom base boards are being used during development and are identical. The problems encountered with the G120 was on both units.

Module 1) G120E Module was working fine for a few weeks but then got stuck in Boot Loader Mode and as a result unUseable.
After numerous attempts and posts on GHI forum this unit was abandoned.

Module 2) G120E Module was working fine for a few days but during testing the I2C SCL port pin stopped working. After measuring its electrical state it was found this Open Collector Pin is shorted to Digital Ground. Again the unit was abandoned due to the fact that the I2C bus is being used for internal card communication.

Module 3) G120E Module was working fine for a few weeks until it caused random faults on I2C bus as well as on startup. On further investigation we found that the Module was drawing too much current from the onboard power supply. After identifying the power problem to be the G120 the unit was abandoned due to I2C SCL pin shorted to DGnd.

Module 4) G120E Module was working fine for a few weeks until the unit stopped working on I2C bus as well as SD Card.

Module 5) G120E Module was working fine for a few days until the unit TCP Port stopped working. The 100% functional Unit was switched off, switched on again and since then the Ethernet is not responding, even with a basic network implementation.

Module 6) This Last Module just now stopped functioning… Again it is the SCL Pin shorted to DGnd (1.3 Ohm to be exact!) That was during Power-up and restart tests.

As a result of these problems we are VERY sceptical about the implementation of this System On Module and would want some answers from GHI Electronics before deciding on the future use of this product.

The fact that the EMX Modules did not have any problems during the initial development stages on the same custom board indicates there is a problem with these units and needs to be addressed.

Any suggestions from your side regarding this?

Yes, my local agent provided me with a ghi email that did not provide any results after a week.

That is correct, no response from GHI. I also need to determine if this is an issue experienced by other users ?

@ DanB - What is the email address that you used and when did you send the email?

Hi Gary,

it was send to gary.beaver@ on the 13th April.

Subject: GHI Electronics G120E Module Problems

@ DanB - That’s me, I don’t have an email from you, please resend it. If you email me and I don’t respond within 24 hours, send it again or direct message me on here.

Hi Gary,

I just re-send my original e-mail.

@ DanB - Thank you, I got it and you will get a response shortly from me.