Multimeter with color identification


yesterday, a schoolteacher told me that there are multimeters that have some kind of color measurement so you can identify the color of a wire. This is especially handy for my son who is color blind. Did any of you saw such a multimeter, and is able to provide me a link? I googled around for a while, but without success.

Thanks in advance

Not a multimeter, but a cool project never the less.

By using a RGB LED and a light dependance resistor you can identify colors too.

Simply shine at the object with the RGB LED and switch colors of the RGB LED.
The color phrase with the highest color intensity is the color of the object, since shining a green object with a green LED will reflect more light then shinging a red object with a green LED.

Note: you can improve accuracy by adding more (total of 4?) LED and a second light dependent resistor.

Maybe a cool project for filling some spare time in the weekend?

Would be a fairly easy smartphone app also. Maybe one already exists. Zooming in on a single wire might be a bit of a challenge though depending on the slack available.