MulticolorLed.BlinkRepeatedly() doesn't work

BlinkRepeatedly() doesn’t seem to do anything except turn both colors on. There isn’t actually any blink. :frowning:

Example code…

        void ProgramStarted()
            Debug.Print("Program Started");

            multicolorLed.GreenBlueSwapped = true;
            multicolorLed1.GreenBlueSwapped = true;

            multicolorLed.BlinkRepeatedly(GT.Color.Blue, TimeSpan.FromTicks(1000), GT.Color.Red, TimeSpan.FromTicks(1000));
            multicolorLed1.BlinkRepeatedly(GT.Color.Red, TimeSpan.FromTicks(1000), GT.Color.Blue, TimeSpan.FromTicks(1000));

I think 1000 ticks is a very short period of time. Try one second:


Ahh… That’s probably it. Ticks doesn’t make a lot of sense for this parameter. It should be milliseconds. I’ll try again tonight.