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Multicolor LED


I just got my Spider kit and one of the Multicolor LED modules appears to be defective. The spider can’t detect it and it is always on when powered. Am I doing something wrong here or does it need to be replaced?



Check the module for solder bridges,or anything out of “usual”. Compare it with the other led module.


Have you added it to the GUI designer within Visual Studio? Many pins are high by default and will do this until they are enabled. What do you mean the Spider doesn’t detect it? Are you getting an error?


@ ianlee74

Did you get your new job?


Got an offer today :smiley: Thanks for asking. I’m looking forward to leaving the corp world.


Good luck! ;D


Thanks! It’s definitely going to cut into my hobby time for a while though… :frowning:


@ ianlee74 - congrats. looks like your going to be our new microcontroller smartphone integration expert! Don’t worry, we’ll give you some time to get used to the new gig first :wink:


@ ransom - Thanks. That’s definitely something on my list of things to explore.


Board is missing a cap “C3”.


C3 shouldn’t be missing but the module shoudl function fine without it.

Please email GHI directly with a picture of the missing C3. We will get you a replacement right away.