MSVSMON.EXE not started on Rasp 2

Hi all,

I was trying to connect my rasp2 with windows 10 to deploy a solution with vs 2015 community but i cannot establish a connection to it. I saw that when i do tlist via powershell or look through the website of windows 10 rasp. I cannot see the MSVSMON.EXE and i read somewhere that it needs to run to deploy and debug. How can i start this exe ?

yep you’re right MSVSMON must be running for deploy to work.

I’m not really across this, but here’s a hint that might help. I understand if you use PowerShell into the RPi2 you should see a \RDBG directory. In that directory will be two CMD files. You can run the Register*.cmd first and then Start*.cmd which should get you working… but the fundamental expectation is that this runs when you restart the device, there’s something potentially wrong. I have seen other reports related to disabling authentication in debug settings, but those cases could still see MSVSMON running (which you can’t).

THnx for the help i got msvsmon.exe running now but still i cant get vs 2015 deploy a project to the raspberry are there other things i have to take into consideration ?

That’s a really open-ended question. Have you gone through all of the steps here? :
Did you try following all of the Hello World steps first? :

I’ve been through these steps many times successfully with a number of Win10 IoT projects. If you can post specific error messages, logs, informative screenshots,etc., we may be able to help with some specific guidance. And, search engines and stackexchange are probably useful when it comes to tracking down others with similar experiences.

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And never discount the value of just starting over … re-imaging your SD card may be easier than root-causing the failure. This is pre-release software so stuff goes wrong and just taking a do-over may be the most efficient course of action.

(My tolerance for that is much higher for pre-release software than it is for release software - I wouldn’t necessarily tolerate or advocate that if Win10 IoT Core was release-quality software)

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