MS Research builds mosquito trap to track disease spread like Zikas

This is cool

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@ Duke Nukem - I saw something on the news last night where LG is selling TVs in India that use signals coming from the TV to repel mosquitoes.

I saw something some time ago where they were using lasers to shoot down mosquitoes. These projects will never see the light of day.

I think they should at least try to fix Windows and VS2015 first…


@ Mr. John Smith - That was Nathan Myhrvold who’s group built a device using lasers to id and shoot down mosquitoes for a 2010 Ted Talk.

Ultimately this is why we love Nathan who was former chief technology officer at Microsoft, a maker before makers. However cool technology is, the path to commercial realism is often long and painful so where is this today?

edit → I should mention that I’m not really keen on the patent thing he has going, but you have to admit the guy is certainly smarter and more creative then the average bear and he has his reasons for believing in patents and how they can be used to drive business and innovation. My problem with patents is that the system is broken but decided rather then fix it, they past the problem along to the courts and plus there really hasn’t been a truly original idea in the last hundred years.

Oooh… I’ve just returned from four days of Scout camp with my son in open tents and near 100F temperatures. This sounds like a project I’d like to duplicate. My main enhancement to the system would be a counter. There would be something very satisfying about watching the count go up through the night :smiley:

@ ianlee74 - More like a laser show.

@ ianlee74 - [quote]Scout camp with my son in open tents and near 100F temperatures[/quote]

Good work on the scout thing.
100F, yikes not fun, and probably no cold beer.

Thanks. I consider it a very good use of my time. I have one Eagle Scout and one on the way :slight_smile:

Definitely no cold beer but we did manage to sneak in some cold ice cream a couple nights :wink:

@ ianlee74 - [quote]I have one Eagle Scout and one on the way[/quote]

Man you and your boys are knocking it out of the park. Very admirable. :clap:

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Wonder how this turned out…I have been considering building a mosquito trap for quite some time. Living in FL, we can’t be outside during the summer from sunset until like 9-10 pm until the bats have feasted. Never thought of doing it digitally though.

My dad had one that ran off a propane tank and lured them mosquitoes into a one-way net with a combination of CO2 and water vapor to mimic human breath (which is how they find us). He would fill up coffee cans of dead mosquitoes in just a few days living in the foods. Cost a couple grand for it though so a cheap one that could be provided to third world countries at little to no cost is my goal.

Malaria spread by mosquitoes is the number one killer in Africa and the 2nd in the world (last time I checked). No pharmaceutical company or tech company wants to fund research for curing all the crazy diseases in Africa because there is no money to be made. Hence why Entomologists call them “The 18 (or 16?) Incurable Diseases of Africa,” even though they are all completely curable.

I have to say, even being an Ex-MSFT employee, the things the Gates Foundation do are awesome… Taking on many of those “incurable” tasks and just getting on with making it a thing of the past

Excellent! Thanks for sharing!