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Mr. John Smith has leveled up!


Please join us in congratulating our new Legend Mr. John Smith, who leveled up on May 2, 2017 at 10:42am EDT. Mr. John Smith has been a member since September 7, 2013 and has made a total of 2,650 posts, averaging 1.99 a day. Thank you for your support and commitment to our community.[line][em]This is an automated message.[/em]



@ Mr. John Smith - “1.99 a day” Geesh, could you have made it 2 per day?

Thanks for all your contributions.


@ Terrence - Yea, the rounding is irritating. Gotta setup it up.


Congratulations !!! :clap: :clap: :clap:


@ Mr. John Smith - Let’s have a drink !


@ Mr. John Smith -

Mr. John Smith - :clap: :clap:


@ MNO - I don’t consume alcohol but I do drink mt dew.


Congrats, @ Agent Smith!




Well done!


Congrats :clap:


That would explain the weight you mentioned in the past. :whistle:

Cut out all the sugary drinks and things get so much better. I gave them up completely about 1 1/2 years ago now completely although I would only drink them now and then. When I weighed out the sugar for a bottle of coke it was scary. :slight_smile:




@ Mr. John Smith - Felicitaciones desde Chile Mr. John Smith !!!


@ Dave McLaughlin - The weight is as a result of eating starch. wheat and rice are much cheaper than meat and vegetables, so wheat and rice abound in the food choices. Lack of exercise also adds to it.

…and I am not giving up Mt Dew.


Sorry I missed this ****, belated congrats :clap: :clap: :clap:


@ Gary - Thanks Gary; better late than sideways!


@ Mr. John Smith - Whatever, now you have your own special list like Ian, Dave and Justin! 8)


@ Gary - YATTA! I finally get a list of my very own. This has been a good week. I levelled up, I got a 3d printer and now Gary has me a list. Everything’s coming up John