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Mpxv5010dp isp


Anyone ever use any of these? Im not sure how to monitor the output. It outputs a voltage depending on the air preassure across it and needs A/D inputs. Is that just an analog input pin? Thanks in advance!


Hello Bixter,

Ok first off, when posting about devices that aren’t in the hardware section, you should include a url or other information about the device so that we don’t need to go searching around for the device and end up giving advice on the wrong thing.

Is the data sheet for the device?:

To answer you question in short: Yes, you should use one of the analog input pins! The problem there is that you would have to calibrate the sensor, so that you know what values correspond to what pressures.

I generally look for devices that support either an I2C interface or serial port so that there won’t be any “calibration” required. (e.g.


That is the right device and I wil make sure to post the URL for the pertinent docs. Thanks for the guidance.

I will be measuring the differential presure (liquid level in a tank) and will have the abiity to calibrate off of the levels in the tank. The device listed wont work for me.


Ah, also stating the intended use (if possible) would also help :slight_smile:

So you are measuring hydrostatic pressure right? The tank fluid won’t be moving around?