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Moving the free book to wiki


So you guys have been doing great helping in fixing any bugs in the open source book. So I was thinking, what if we move the book to wiki so anyone can enhance it? We have installed the needed extension to allow downloading the PDF right from wiki (auto generated)

Take a look and let me know what you think. There is only 2 pages in there for now. I want to know this is a good idea before start moving contents. I also need help as moving 200 pages is not going to be an easy task!

We want this more organized so we are not doing double work. Let me know id you want to help and I will assign you a chapter to move if you like.


I think that’s a great idea!

I could contribute to the beginner ebook. The porting one? Not so much. yet. :slight_smile:


For starter, we do not want to add a new content. I will be just a copy paste from the original book. Then we can start adding new materials



I’m new here. I just have ordered a panda tinkerer kit.
I think its a great idea because it is always difficult to start with new hard and software.



Gus, that’s an awesome idea, being able to modify it on the fly and generate the pdf…
Count me in on moving over the content.

What about the other languages? I’m still translating to dutch, but doing it on the wiki might speed things up as other people can help.

There’s only a little problem with the export to pdf. I indented the code sample (and added syntax highlighting) but that’s screwed up again in the pdf.



Same here. I am in the process of translating it to Russian. Be able to do it Wiki style would make it much easier.



I have added couple of chapters (I hope you don’t mind). I just wanted to see how pdf export extension handles embedded images. It does it well.

As I understand you are using pdfbook extensions. Have you tried other pdf extensions? Is the pdfbook the best out of the 3 available at the moment? Just curious because I would like to add a pdf extension for my company wiki.



This is the only extension that can handle multiple pages. Others could only handle one page.

Please tell me if you find a better one


Would it be possible to make the font a bit bigger in the pdf? It’s kinda small compared to the original pdf beginners book. What about colored code blocks, is that possible?


Looks like we will lose all that once we use the wiki PDF… this is why I am still thinking about it. it is good but then you loose control over the formating.