Moving from JST connectors to Gadgeteer Connectors

Considering updating from Cobra to Cobra II board, but all my devices are set up with JST connectors. Is there any guidance on how to connect the JST connectors to the newer Cobra board?

*preface - I’m not familiar with the orig Cobra

Have you looked at these 2 “modules” from GHI?

There’s also a version from forum user Ransomhall (can’t find the link)

You would need to solder the wires to the extenders, instead of using the JST. Keep in mind that you can use a single socket for multiple inputs/outputs.

This is still in preview mode, but it would add more sockets

Thanks. Yes, I guess I could figure out how to solder in JST connectors. Looks like each gadgeteer connector has power, ground and 7 signal connections? Is that right? Need to figure out the actual pins to determine which ones are which… Are there schematics for each type of gadgeteer connector?

Pretty much right on! Here you go:

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The official Gadgeteer socket types page has thorough descriptions of each socket type (which pins are interrupt-supported, which direction the UART signals are, etc)

Here’s a link:

There used to be a gadgeteer module sold by GHI that had 7 JST sockets and one gadgeteer socket. Looks like they discontinued it…