Moving Bluetooth Module from Cobra to Mini

I have been testing my Bluetooth app on a Cobra board and now need to move the Bluetooth module over to the Mini. On the Bluetooth module there are three wires for TX and three for RX (red, white, black) that plug into the Cobra COM4 connectors. The Cobra board is also supplying power to the Bluetooth module. Do I need all three TX/RX wires for the Mini and if so where do they connect to? The Bluetooth brochure says to connect TX to Mini DI7 and RX to DI8 but which color wire is TX and RX, and where should I get power from on the Mini? Thanks for the help.

The line in the middle is the data line, in both case(RX, TX).

On the MINI there are two COM ports,
COM3 RX-Di7, TX-Di8

But there are no JST3 connector! So, you probably have to solder the wire to it on MINI!

You will have to look at the trace on the bluetooth module to figure out which one of the three is TX and RX wires, as far as i remember it should be the middle one. Or you can directly connect to the headers provided on the module just above the JST connectors.

As for the power, if you use the JST connectors, power will be supplied via them, power can be obtained from the mini via the pin tagged 5V (Look at bottom of the mini).

You either need the base that comes with FEZ mini starter kit.
Or you need to do the wiring yourself.
The middle wire is the signal. the other two wires are VCC and ground.
There is a section that explains about the components pin out in this document

Be careful, connecting VCC to Ground will damage FEZ Mini and the Bluetooth.