Moutaineer UseDHCP Not returning an IP!

Hello guys,
I reverted to the mountaineer hoping that UDP will be working and now I ran into another simple problem… the following returns as an IP when used with UseDHCP()…
can anyone help?

  void ProgramStarted()
            ethernetForMountaineerEth.NetworkUp += new GTM.Module.NetworkModule.NetworkEventHandler(ethernetForMountaineerEth_NetworkUp);
            //ethernetForMountaineerEth.UseStaticIP("", "", ""); //this one works but not the one below

            // Use Debug.Print to show messages in Visual Studio's "Output" window during debugging.
            Debug.Print("Program Started");

        void ethernetForMountaineerEth_NetworkUp(GTM.Module.NetworkModule sender, GTM.Module.NetworkModule.NetworkState state)
            if (ethernetForMountaineerEth.NetworkSettings.IsDhcpEnabled)
                Debug.Print(ethernetForMountaineerEth.NetworkSettings.IPAddress);//I get here


Does any board with networking work correctly?
it seems that all are crippled in one way or another, and I think this should be a high priority item to fix… Especially on premium boards like the spider…
please guys push this to the top of your list…


With 4.3 the network stack was changed. It is going to take a little time for everything to settle down.

Yep 100% new stack in 4.2 means we went back to the start line.

This is top priority on top of the top priority :slight_smile:

This coming release should be very close from bug free.