Hi again peeps,

How do I go about using the FEZ as a USB hub to run a mouse? What I hope to do is connect only one USB cable to the PC and get it to run both Mouse and FEZ outputs. So the FEZ is running its stuff and at the same time being a port for the mouse.

Is this possible? Thanks in advance.


The book is updated to include USB client. It is not online just yet so you will have to wait till next week or get it from the wiki
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And you can use USB hub on usb host, plus you can connect both a mouse and a FEZ on the USB of the pc, yes :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Will work the same after switching the Mode jumper? So the USB becomes a COM port instead of a Debug port.

USB client needs 3 pages of explanation. Wait fro the book PDF or get the book sources from the link I gave you before.
The answer Foekie gave you was not accurate. The book explains it and when the book explains something then we do not talk about it here :wink: That is why we have the book right :slight_smile:

Forgot the word “soon”, since it’s still in beta, sorry. :-[

That is not what I meant. TopCat seem to be confusing usb host whit usb client and hubs! It will be very difficult to explain all this in here so I directed him to the book. Easier for him and for us :slight_smile:

True. Sorry Gus :slight_smile: