Mounting tips for the Fez mini

Does anyone have any tips for mounting the fez mini? The Panda for example since it is flat on the bottom can be screwed down to another board. The mini is bristling with pins on all sides like a porcupine. My only thought currently is to jam some foam or something in the non pin parts to make it a solid rectangular shape and then attach that… But I’m open to suggestions.

Well, the mini is desinged to fit a 0.1" pitch DIP socket or, breadboard, etc. That would be the best way to mount it.

Ok, right now I have some stackable pins that I soldered wires to for the connections I guess I could solder the socket to a board and connect it to the whole board. Makes sense, thanks.

I used a Lego case and it is about 1mm longer than a number of Lego slots, which makes easy to securely wedge it in without danger to the board itself. My other mini I keep in a Lego enclosure with enough bricks to make sure it doesn’t move too much and short on anything, or it is on the educational base. I also use jumper wires to connect without soldering.