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Mounting the Domino


I’m mounting a Domino with 4-40 pan head screws to a mounting board and had a concern. I noticed the screw nearest the Reset button covers a solder connection for R15 and a leg of the Reset switch. The screw nearest the mini USB covers a solder connection for R11. Will this cause an issue/short?


On these small boards I’d always suggest using plastic standoffs and screws if you can. That way this is a non-issue.


Yes this causes a short. You should use plastic screws.


Maybe the screws we have here have smaller heads? I remember mounting domino before and I didn’t have such problems.


I use an o-ring on the screw to get it a bit off the board. I wasn’t that afraid of shortcut, but more concerned on not breaking of the SMD resistor near the mounting hole.


I used M3 if I remember right. And it absolutely made a short.
I have ordered 3 sets of plastic mounting screws to make sure no fez baby gets hurt :D:

M3 x 10mm x 30 pieces
M3 x 20mm x 30 pieces
M3 x 30mm x 30 pieces

M3 x 75 pieces
M3 x 45 pieces

Ring M3 (3,2x9x0,8) x 75 pieces
Ring M3 (3,2x7x0,5) x 75 pieces[/quote]


Thanks for all the imput. Gus, the heads are probably bigger. I visually inspected it and it looks like it barely touches (or may not at all) but I want to play it safe. I’m mounting the Domino to an acrylic board like the one for the Arduino on Adafruit’s site. I have a friend with a laser table and he cut that out and a ton of acylic orings. So I’ll use longer screws and use the orings to isolate the screw head just as Geir mentioned.

I figured I was probably shorting them and wanted to post this in case some newbie uses a homemade/premade Arduino mounting kit to be aware that it can inadvertently short the board with the screws.

Kudos to GHI for making the useless 3rd small hole on the Arduino big enough on the Domino to accept a 4-40 screw


I got the acrylic board from Adafruit to mount my new Fez Domino. So far I haven’t noticed any short problems, but thanks for the heads up. I might just go look for some non-conductive o-rings just in case. ;D It does look awfully close to one of the components on the board.


Here’s some more suggestions. I put rubber feet on my Domino so I had to use 1/2 inch 4-40 screws and did not over tighten the boards so it doesn’t stress the board. Also I attached the mini-breadboard with Velcro so I can easily remove the board for other circuits/micro controller projects.


On my robots and some smaller projects I “stick” my fez to it with some Velcro.
This way you can easily attach and remove your fez. And it’s secured to not fall of or get damaged. 8)


Velcro is nice, but be careful. I had some industrial Velcro adhesive permanently damage the plexi I am using for RWAR’s electronics tray.


industrial Velcro is way too powerful. You will have to use some hobby Velcro. Otherwise you might damage some board or other materials.


I found the acrylic screws with the extended acrylic nuts works well.