Mounting Gadgeteer Hardware

I’ve decided it’s probably not a good plan to have all my modules and main board just sitting directly on my table, so I’m looking into a mounting board and accompanying hardware.

From what I’ve gathered, the gadgeteer mounting holes are 3mm wide and 5mm apart, and i think 10mm should be enough space between the board and the modules.

I just want to check that the products I’m getting should work before I purchase, since I’ve never really done much hardware purchasing before :slight_smile:

Board: Tamiya 70172 Universal Plate (

Spacers: 10mm long, 3.3 inner diameter nylon spacers (

Screws: #4-40 1/2 inch length screws (

Nuts: #4-40 nuts (

Does this look ok? Any help would be greatly appreciate, thanks!


That will work. Others have used those exact parts. This thread also lists some other solutions that have been used:


I like the Tamiya universal plates. Just keep in mind that they’re probably smaller than you think so get a bigger one than you think you need. :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea! 4/40 screws and nuts work great with Gadgeteer modules.

With 10mm spacers you might want screws longer than 1/2". Alternatively, you could use 1 or 2 nuts as spacers. 2 nuts is enough of a standoff for most modules.

Great, thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Kerry - Ah good point - I’ll get 1" screws instead just to be safe (sadly they dont have anything in between)

devhammer - good advice - i was going to go for the smaller plates just from eyeballing it, but then decided to measure, and you’re right, definitely need the bigger one!

I picked up a few hundred of these great black allen head 4-40 screws off for about the same price as the plain silver ones you’ll get at Lowe’s. I think they complement the Gadgeteer design well :slight_smile:

ianlee74 - can you put up a link to those? They do look nice!

ianlee74 - ooh, love the look of those! I may have to get some as well…

I use these on top of the board…

and since I’m mounting velcro on the bottom of my stand-offs, I use these on the other end since they are lower profile.

I was thinking pretty much the same thing Tommy, and I’ve been looking for a larger board as well, but nothing yet. I wanted to get a small briefcase size case as I intend on having multiple mainboards and a buckets of modules (I’m well on my way), so a nice case to keep and organize everything is key. At the top of the case would be room for a project board (just smaller then the case) with my latest project on it. Now this would be really handy for doing presentations with as I could have the hardware all ready to go when I show up.

Now the other thing I’d love to have is a switchable USB cable (meaning an On/Off switch in the middle of it, nice if it would attach to the project board), so I don’t have to unplug all the time when adding/removing modules etc. Now of course this might already exist and I’ve just not found it yet, so if anyone has a site with such a device please let me know.

Also is there a recommended tool for detaching the cables etc, as being a male with large fingers, I worry that I’m going to disconnect more then the cable sometimes and that would be bad.


I like that idea. Please post if you find one.

How about something like this

There are many other variants of these too.

Geeez guys stop making me spend money. :slight_smile:

Wow there are tons of them, so I suspect, powered would be a nice feature and small enough to bolt onto the project board (now if there were only as many options for project boards).


They look like they take power,

this one does:

I like that last one. The first one turns all ports off at the same time which could be a problem.

EDIT: Here’s a 7 port one:

Now, if we could just integrate it with Visual Studio so that it automatically turns it on & off when it can’t reboot the device after so many seconds… :wink:

haha now that i would pay money for :smiley:

I’m a little nervous about the power supply as I’m wondering if 5V/1A is enough for 7 USB ports. I’ve ask ThinkGeek about their switchable 7 port hub as it looks workable:

@ Duke, I like the look of that one. From the surface (and price?) it appears to be of higher quality. I suppose you could always add a higher amperage power supply to the others though if it proved to be insufficient. However, the odds of me ever powering 7 FEZs at once is highly unlikely. I sometimes work on two at once. I have another hub for all the other stuff. The switched one would just be for micros.

However, after browsing around over there I think my desk would not be complete without this one. I could add my own switches :smiley: