Mounting display on a wall

Anyone have any luck or suggestions for mounting any of the GHI displays on a wall. Possibly board & touch display in a low-voltage double gang box. I could hack something up, but is there a clean way that I don’t know about?

I’ve been looking at this myself. I’ve a rather nice 5" LCD and although the total size is larger than a single gang box, I was considering a solution where I have a frame that screws to the existing back box and then the front panel secured to that. The frame has a power PCB (I found very nice AC-DC module that outputs a regulated 3.3V and would fit in the back box space.

I get very nice panels made by Schaeffer-ag and although a little more expensive they look very professional. For the back box I was going to create this in 3D software and then get Shapeways to make them.

The final design would hopefully fit flush to the wall.