Mountaineer boards discontinued?

I noticed that they are not listed on the catalog.
Has GHI stopped distribution of their products?

They are not discontinued from the manufacture. We thought that our SDK not working on a product we sell is causing confusion and decided to leave this to their manufacture. Of course, you are welcome to talk about them and ask questions still.

They can still be obtained from Mouser (Suchergebnisse für: mountaineer – Mouser Schweiz) and in some countries from our own Web shop (

Our main goal is to keep the boards available for evaluation purposes, so that potential customers of our engineering services ( can try them out.

Thanks to GHI Electronics, the boards could be made available to a much wider audience than we could have done on our own.

And the boards will remain the reference hardware for our [em]NETMF for STM32 [/em]port. Ahhh, speaking of which, there will be a new firmware release for the boards in the not-too-distant future. It will be posted on and of course we will announce it here on the forum as well.



@ Cuno
I noticed that it looks like you will be releasing 4.3 this month that is how i noticed it wasn’t being offered here anymore.
I didn’t know if i should mention it or not.
Thanks for the update

I would like to thank Cuno and his team for their excellent contributions to the NETMF world and look forward to their continued offerings. And Cuno has been personally helpful to my endless email drivel :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Absolutely, if everyone involved in NETMF contributed as much as Cuno’s team did, NETMF would be available for every board and every micro!

We hope Cuno and team will continue to provide the same quality and support for long years to come.

So yeah, THANKS :slight_smile: