Mountaineer 4.3 Beta 1 USB drivers?

I am confused about the USB drivers which can be installed from the Mountaineer Release 4.3 Beta 1 download page. The web page states “These drivers are the same as for the older NETMF 4.2 QFE2 release. If you already installed our QFE2 firmware, you can keep the USB driver(s) and skip this step.”, but the drivers linked from the 4.3 beta 1 download page are not the WinUSB drivers.

Which drivers should I use? I guess the download link on the 4.3 beta 1 web page is wrong.

I am asking because I installed the linked drivers and had a blue screen, which I never had with the 4.2 QFE2 WinUSB driver.

@ candritzky - They should be the same drivers. Can you please look at the driver in the Device Manager, under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”, select the Mountaineer driver, right-click on the driver and open its Properties, go to the “Details” tab, ans select “Service” in the Property list box. Then the displayed value should be “WinUsb”.


@ Cuno - No the drivers are not the same. I cannot verify the Service property because yesterday I uninstalled the “new” drivers (after having a bluescreen) and reinstalled the WinUSB driver from the (now hidden) link to the Mountaineer NETMF 4.2 QFE2 SDK.

Please follow the link from the Mountaineer 4.3 SDK ( to the USB drivers ( This will download a ZIP file which contains (among others) the MFUSB_Mountaineer.sys file. I think this is not the WinUSB driver, but some older customized “SpotUSB” driver.

@ candritzky - You are right, these were the old drivers! We replaced the download by the correct ones. Thanks for pointing this out!

@ Cuno - Thanks. One less thing to worry about.