MotorDriver L298 direction

Hello … ye, it’s me again >.<

But this time I’m not here to ask for help by codung (figured it out this time by myself).
It’s a questuion about a module itself, more exactly the MotorDriver L298.

I made some tests with various motors and some different power sources.
Althought i roasted the Motor1 output… >.< … I made some expiriences…
Motor2 only works with speed negative and Motor1 worked only with positive speed… other directions weren’t possible. is that correct?

And… I know it’s too late… since i roasted already Motor1. but:


Does the speed stand for the % of the output or the current itself?
Motor1 output roasted as i went to 100… and I thought it were 100mA >.<

greez evi

Did you see the documentation?

You can control the direction of each motor using negative or positive speed.
Speed’s value is %, not mA :smiley:

Ye, did read that one… but it’s nothing written about the % >.<
probably i roasted it as i went to 100…

About the direction.
none of the Motor outputs did change direction.

Motor1 always only rotated as it had positive value and Motor2 only rotates when value is negative… althought the LEDs are changeing when it should switch direction >.<

We’ve edited the documentation to make it more specific and will retest the driver in the next couple of days.

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While we are talking about the MotorDriver… I also have two smaller 6V DC motors that I want use in a small robot chassis using Gadgeteer. I presume this module would also work that as well right? What I mean is the fact that its fairly small low voltage motors is not a problem, or is it only intended for bigger higher voltage motors? It wasn’t so obvious from the specs.

@ KiwiSaner - It can drive up to 40V 3A.

@ KiwiSaner: it works fine with small motors^^ But be careful with bigger ones.
I had 20v 3.25A input and the motor used about 2A if connected directly… and it roasted my output stage >.<

I’m just wondering.
Is the output of the L298 a pwm signal?
If yes, then I’d make me a additional amplifier to controle bigger motors >3A and my module would still be safe^^

for such questions you could look into the module driver solution :slight_smile:

@ dominik: you mean this site? if there are more documents to the models, I’d be happy to see them^^

No I mean that one here:

If you take a look into the source code, you can see how a module works, and if you want - you can modify it.

Just a simple look into the source code shows that lines:

GTI.PWMOutput m_Pwm1;
GTI.PWMOutput m_Pwm2;

So it seems that PWM is used :wink:

hmm, the PWM output of the module is not very… nice… it has a small offset >.<

Made some other testes and I think I burned the second amplifier too wit a veeery small motor, 5V/0.7A input and output reduced to 2V… the L298 got in 10sec very hot and … dead >.<

And I thought that it could handle atleast such a small motor…

I guess I’m goign to try it with a [em]Pulse InOut Module (DaisyLink)[/em] … and make a own amplifier. I hope on that Modules PWM won’t be a offset :confused: