Motor controller to release a magnet?


I am using a motor-controller to control af motor from my board. But there is the option of controlling two motors from the module, which i would not need.

I also have a permanent magnet, that needs 12VDC to release, which I planned to use X1 Relay

But now I am thinking why not use the motor controller to feed the magnet with two seconds of juice and then zero - when I need the release.

Will the magnet or the motor-module be damaged by doing that, and what is the drawbacks?

That should work. The controller says it can supply up to 40v DC at 3A so as long as your magnet doesn’t take more than that it should be fine.

@ njbuch

I had same idea but in my case I would like to control a bi-state solenoid which is very similar to your magnet description (if not the same thing).
The idea is to send a (long) pulse of current to put the solenoid in the push estate and later to send another pulse but negative to put it in the pull state.
I’ll receive the parts in the next few days and I’ll to test the system.

Probably Power module is best idea to control these devices, but in my case I need to manage with positive and negative pulses.

My concerns are about the inverse currents that the solenoid could generate. Motors also make this kind of currents but probably are weak than the solenoid ones .

The power module had a diode protection against these currents but I don’t know if the L298P IC is also protected.
Can anyone confirm this point?


@ hagster - thanks, will try

@ magustin - let us know how it goes …


@ njbunch, that will work since those motor control drivers are really inductive load drivers. They are designed to run anything with a coil of copper wire :slight_smile: