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I find most of the applications that they demoed a bit creepy and for the most part useless.

@ ianlee74

I think you are right about the creepiness. It is an electronic monitoring system. Big Brother anyone? Although… it is kinda like Santa… it know when you are sleeping, it knows when you are awake. I wonder if it will know if you’ve been bad or good. :smiley:

It will, if you don’t brush your teeth.


Its what sensor do isn’t it?

Thats how I feel about most smarthome stuff - except for thermostats and heating control.

Yea. So many people are grasping at straws but no one except the Nest guys have really show an understanding of how automation should work. I’d like to see automated blinds (controlled by the Nest) and attic vents added to their line-up. If it will save people money, they will gladly invest in it.