Most complex open source EAGLE design

I am curious to see what is the most complex open source hardware EAGLE design available today. I picked eagle because it i most used among then open community.

From what I am seeing, FEZ Panda II is the most complex. Arduino mega is larger but not more complex in my opinion. I am looking for somehting really exotic, with multiple chips and even with BGA.

If you know of something worth looking at, please link it for this community to check out.

I dunno, the micro hex walker board is small, but boy is it packed!

Eagle is limited to 100mmx80mm in “free” mode, so I don’t think that you can really say this will be the software used to create the most complex Open Source Hardware design. Panda II rocks, and it’s great that it’s in that small a package, but i have a suspicion there are larger OSHW designs using gEDA or one of the other free as in beer packages

Yes I am sure there are more complex ones. Just want to see how complex of a design did someone make open.

Most I have seen is a design by atmel but you need $20k tool to open it so that doesn’t count for me!

This one looks pretty complex: Wacco Webstack - Home of Project VGA, the Low Budget, Open Source, VGA Compatible video card

Ascended has done some designs in Eagle that easily rival the examples in this thread, but I doubt I can talk about those, so I guess we’re out of the running :frowning:

Chris, if they’re open source then you probably should be able to discuss them; but if they’re complex, does that mean they’re larger than the 100x80mm limit and using a “not free” version of Eagle?

I thought, but can’t find a confirmed reference, that the Renesas RX62N RDK board they used in their competition was Open Source, but it certainly was done in gEDA. (As an aside, it’d be all kinds of awesome if there was a netmf port onto that chip/board)

This thread is about open source only :wink: