More Webcam support

I’m thinking about doing some image processing with a Logitech Pro 9000. It is controled by a standard USB video class and should be compatible with FEZ Cobra.

However, i would like to control some specific features to get the better : exposure and gain, gamma and focus (yes there is a focusable objective!).

Do you plan to support more webcam features in the USBH_Webcam class?
Maybe just a low level register read/write access.

Alternatively, is it possible to create a USBH_RawDevice and a USBH_Webcam from the same device?

static void USBHostController_DeviceConnectedEvent(USBH_Device device)
        if (device.TYPE == USBH_DeviceType.Webcamera)
         high_level_acess_WebCam = new USBH_Webcam(device);
         low_level_acess_WebCam = new USBH_RawDevice(device);

It is a possibility for future additions to webcam support.

Just for my two cents worth…these same things would be of interest to me as I am wanting to use the webcam support for astronomy…and…beng able to adjust the gain in low light would be great. On the other hand…just supplying us with the ability to even use a camera is fantastic…so…THANKS! :slight_smile: