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More specific question about FEZ Panda II and Touch. Suitability for hobbyist who is used to WPF



I got a lot of useful info on: Thanks everyone. I felt this was a slightly different question and warranted a seperate thread.

My background is C#/C++ and WPF on desktops. I see from browsing the forums here that I can’t do WPF if I buy FEZ Panda II and Touch. My questions are:

  1. Assumming I really want to use WPF what FEZ (or other) main board and display should I be buying instead?
  2. Is it the Touch that’s stopping me from doing WPF or the Panda II. I think it’s the Panda II, but what is the limiting factor in it?
  3. Assumming cheapness gets the better of me (it usually does!) and I refuse to pay more money to be able to do WPF, how limiting will that be? Can I still have a simple x-y plot (300 or less data points), grids, customized buttons, and icons? Are the libraries pretty easy to use? I did see there was one free one and one pay one (spiral?). Or am I going to be doing low level graphics programming like in the pre-MFC days. Can it still all be done from C# as opposed to C++?

I’m comfortable with WPF and don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of time learning a proprietary library that is only relevant to FEZ. After all, one of the main draws of the .NET microframework as I understand it, is suppose to be, “you already know how to do this. Take everything you know from the desktop and apply here”.


  1. Cobra and any of the three display sold by GHI for wpf
  2. memory
  3. There is an impressive demo using the FEZ Touch.


I think you should talk to Skewworks about WPF, he’s currently doing a graphical interface (Gagetos; Phyxis3) for GHI devices. You can talk to him about your project and get input about how a user interface be handled in GHI products.
About the RS232 protocol and related, theres serveral guys here in the forums that know a thing or two about that.
feel free to give more input and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


Have you consider GHI’s Glide?


Joe is right… I forgot about Glide, geart software that makes graphical interface easy.
Im taking those online classes…


I don’t believe that Glide works on a Panda II with FEZ Touch?


[Glide Documentation]

[quote]System Requirements
Your .NET Micro Framework device must support the Bitmap class. We recommends mid to high-end devices such as EMX and ChipworkX.[/quote]

Don’t forget about Spiral. It’s made for the Panda-II.