More SITcore project ideas

Back in 2016 I used two 4.3" LCD’s with two G120 boards to make a clock with environment data. It sat on the shelf some months later as I could not find out the bug that caused it to freeze.

Yesterday, I decided to revamp the PCB design to change this to the SCM20260N modules, a new WiFi module, and a new light sensor. The old design was done in Alibre Design so I made a new one in Fusion 360 this morning. That’s where the 3D models come from.

Both PCB’s are the same in the 3D model but only one will have all of the parts fitted. They communicate via CAN bus.

Rear panel has the WINC1500 WiFi and an ambient light sensor.

The real thing from the old design. The display will not be the same on the new design as I don’t have all of the sensors shown. I plan to have the right side to show weather data from a weather station. The left will be the clock as before but with the SITcores extra oomph, I plan to have some nicer graphics.

If anyone is interested in making one, I am happy to supply the details. The panels are all designed in Front Panel Express so easy ordering. I’ll create a GITHUB for the project shortly.