More modules....and more modules!

There is too many modules in the works for gadgeteer. Here is a teaser picture of some of my favorite.

DC Motor hbridge
Mirco SD
Music player!
7segment LEDs

… have fun and stay tuned :slight_smile:

Sweetness! Are you guys on track to meet “Shipping Starts Sep. 30, 2011” posted all over the store gadgeteer page?

We will start shipping today/tomorrow but it will take sometime to fill all orders. Maybe a week? I know we are working the weekend to get these out :slight_smile:

Speaking of shipping, have you seen the sweet enclosure the kit comes in?

Here it is open

It comes in many colors. We haven’t decided what color we will use yet so we are using multiple colors for now and then we will decide later from the feedback we receive…you just want to pray you are not receiving a pink box :slight_smile:

I like my bubble wrap bag better! >:(

Pink is the color of love. Are you against love? :naughty:

My love loves the pink ones…she took some home!

These look fantastic! I cant wait to see what colour turns up.
If my Daughter found out there was a pink box option she would go nuts :slight_smile:
Love the new modules too. Congrats to everyone at GHI!

Awesome indeed! I see OSHW logo too. Nice! ;D

+1 on the OSHW logo!

Wow!! :slight_smile:

Nice! Why no red box?

Loking good. I’m a .NET developer with no hardware experience and this looks like a great introduction.

I’ll be ordering a Spider soon but just waiting for either an Australian store to get stock or some more modules to become available so I can justify the shipping costs by getting everything at once. Is there a rough timeframe for when some of these modules will start to appear? I’m particularly interested in the DC motor hbridge, XBee module and some more sensors.

I have seen the thread where people are making suggestions for modules. As Gadgeteer inevitably gets more and more popular, this will quickly get out of hand. Could we have a list of all Gadgeteer modules - existing, upcoming and proposed - on the wiki so it’s all in one place. It looks like the wiki is using MediaWiki. There are several extensions available that add voting linked to from Extension Matrix - MediaWiki. We could use one of these extensions to allow voting on proposed modules. This would make it easy for everyone to see what’s available and coming up from GHI (and other manufacturers as they get on board), and for GHI and other module builders to see what’s most in demand.

Luke, good chance that there’ll not be an AU store with these devices; most of the folk who have stocked Fez in the past have only had specific stock items, not the general range; I reckon you’ll be waiting to bulk up the order when other modules come on line :slight_smile: We can hope though, that this is a revolution that everyone wants to jump on!

In the interim if you havent got a Fez I have a few and am sure I could loan you one - I’m in Sydney

Like I always say, contact the distributor in your country and tell them what you need. Many stock items on demand

(been there, done that, still order from you because nobody wanted to order specialised stuff :slight_smile: )