More gifts to Chris

Congratulation Chris on becoming a FEZ Master. We will send you a free FEZ Cobra enclosure to replace the one you hand made…have fun.

Thanks Gus! Can’t wait!

Congratas Chris

now we have FEZ Master(s)


Hahaha, yeah, now just just need an elusive FEZ MVP :think:

MVP won’t be easy to get but you are the closest one so far. MVP = a lot of experience in FEZ to the point where I have to come to you for answers. I hope you will help me when I ask you for support :wall:

Hahaha, I promise I’ll help you out :whistle:

Congratulations chris! Woooo now we are 2 :dance:

Master Chris!
You are great! and so GHI! indeed…very nice program in place