More gadgeteer fun, for only $5

With new announcements from today, we like to get this fun kit to add to your gadgeteer gear.

Over $112 value for only $5! And $5 is only to cover our labor in counting and shipping the parts

Not gadgeteer guy, use the components anyway you like, or sell on ebay :slight_smile: They are still cheaper than buying raw components.

These are not listed on catalog and only few are available. And while you are at it, check the sale category


Gus! All these $5 offers are going to kill me!

(but don’t stop!)

Oh wait, cables are included…now I am done talking :slight_smile:

@ Gus seriously why do you do this?
How shall I explain my girlfriend why I bought again electronic stuff (or “all your stupid cables” like she prefers to call it)?
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Gadgeteer is the future?

Gadgeteer is the future!

How could I resist? In for 6 and a relay board :slight_smile:


I got one and a relay board :slight_smile:

Hard to ignore ;D

Guys we have other stuff on sale too. Hurry up and get us out of stock: :wink:

Any way to throw that stuff in an envelope? I hate to pay $13 in shipping for a $5 purchase :frowning: At $5 I don’t really care how well it’s packed/insured…

Lets see, you will pay $18 (13+5) for $112 worth of modules with free shipping. Is this a better way to look at it? :slight_smile:

Yea, I know… Amazon Prime has me spoiled. It’s the shipping cost that often prevents [controls] me from buying stuff I don’t really need :smiley:

Shipping costs real money. If your not paying a shipping charge for something you order then the company is raising the price of the product to cover shipping. It is that simple…

This is exactly why we need the FEZ Replicator!

@ Gus - Can you provide a link to the eagle files for the eBlock shield you used to sell? The eBlock sale is a inventory windfall for the startup maker group I’m involved in! Thanks!

Gus - I ordered one set (and another sale item), is it possible to bump that up to two without having to reorder?


** Looks like it already shipped — no big deal. It’s such a good deal, I wanted some extras to play with, but didn’t want to pay shipping twice (as I am cheap :D)

I got my 5 buck kit today and a FEZ Monkey! :smiley: