Monster 3D cube!

Speachless. So cool!!!

A couple of Kinects and that and my brain just popped thinking about the possibilities.

I wonder how long did it take to build this masterpiece :think:

Are we witnessing an early form of holo TV? take this tech forward by 20 years…

Really impressive!

A little heads-up on the f-bomb in the music would have been nice, though. ::slight_smile:

Holy cow! These guys are fantastic. Did you see this one? And they sell 16x16x16 cubes on their site. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one over 8x8x8.

Massive 3D LED Cube Screen - YouTube!

I would love to see the driving electronics for that baby ;D

The first video would be better if their 3D models didn’t scream “horny nerd” though!

We’ll have to agree to disagree… :wink: