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Monochrome graphical LCD


Does anybody have experience using NETMF to interface with a graphical mono LCD with a parallel bus controller like the Epson SED 1335?


Hi Jon

If you had asked this a few years ago, it would have been easy. I have not seen these displays for a while now.

You could easily port a C SED1335 driver to C#. Please look at this project as a starter for the parallel I/O.

(link removed)

Please post as you get started and I can try to help.




Thanks for the tip. A lot of the tough industrial displays (e.g Planar embedded) seem to use this kind of interface. I’ll let you know how I go (if I end up getting this display).


By the way, I found an old “feature spec” for NETMF 2.5 which specifically mentions the Epson S1D13700 controller (similar to the SED 1335):

Unfortunately, I can’t find any other reference to this. Does anyone know anything about it? Is there any way I could import the relevant libraries?


Using those simple displays is usually an easy task. If it was my project, I would just write the driver myself and optimize it for my application. Especially the SPI based display, just real easy to use.

Let us change the question! What is it that you are trying to achieve? The display you are trying to work may not be the right choice


The SED1335 and S1D13700 both use an 8-bit data bus interface, definitely not SPI afaik.

I’m looking for a small (3-5"), very tough, sunlight readable monochrome display. The ones I have seen all use the Epson bus controllers.


Then this is one negative thing. If you are using a graphical display with FEZ Domino then you probably want SPI display. Unless this is a character display then speed is not an issue.

I recommend these displays (we used those on EM years ago)

Those optrex displays are black and white but they come in many backlight colors (the video above is for green)

Also this


On the Optrex displays, only the small ones (<3") appear to have SPI interfaces. The larger ones, and all of the robust and high brightness models appear to have parallel interfaces of one kind or another.

At this stage, the best bet looks to be porting something like this, which works with AVR etc:

I’d also be happy to consider further suggestions on robust, sunlight readable displays that play nicely with NETMF.


An other option is something like they have there own controller and you need only to tell the LCD to show something and it will be done for you.

I have brought an 3.2 Inch screen from them and it is working very nice. It works with a serial comm connection, very simple altogether. I have already worked on creating a driver for it but i need to work on it some more.

And now the have also one very cheap for 79 Dollar.


I know the 4D displays. They are not really designed for the robustness and sunlight readability that I am seeking…


Yes correct, the display we used before was about 2.8". I was trying to get your search started.

… maybe you could use

The point was, you must use SPI display because we do not support parallel IO natively but we do support SPI. Using IO to control the parallel display will make it run extremely slow.