Mono ... but not what you think

No mention of price, it’s about to hit kickstarter. I like the form factor. Despite the name, it’s Arduino/mBed compatible for programming.

ARM Cortex-M3, 64kb SRAM, 256kb Flash
Wifi IEEE 802.11g *
Bluetooth LE **
2.2″ TFT Touch Display
Lithium-Ion Battery, 420mAh
3-Axis Accelerometer

Buzz Speaker
SD Card Slot
Expansion Connector
Micro USB
Ambient Temperature Sensor
Multi Function Button

Pretty cool. Can be useful for some projects if it is not very expensive.

Looks like a smaller version of the Kinoma Create that I posted about:

Except that it doesn’t use your hated JavaScript. :smiley:

And has some sensors built in, which I think is the more important thing for my purposes. Couldn’t see from their website whether or how you’d expand to additional sensors, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the KS campaign.

Similar in concept


They have an “expansion connector” on the back.

Hopefully more details will come with the KS.