Monkey Business

As we gear up for the beta release of GameSlate the first full game is being produced. It’s a tower defense game where you play an A.I. defending against hackers, bots, viruses, BLOBs, etc to free up vital RAM for your fellow A.I.

The hardest enemy in the game? The FEZ Developer…check him out. :smiley:

Aw, animation doesn’t work on the upload; you can see it here: [url][/url]

LOL. Will it run in the emulator?

GameSlate comes with its own emulator. 8)

GameSlate is a hardware platform or a software framework?

Software. FLEX is the hardware.

Yeah, I know, I have too many products coming out: Gadgetos, GameSlate, .NET Clix, FLEX, 6 Button Module (unnamed), another super secret module, etc.

I vaguely remember sleep. But ever time I get tired I just remember that if Gus can be an automated process, so can I.

:smiley: You guys are an inspiration to us all. Keep it up!