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Mom said,






My aching back feels better already.


Back feels better but now I can’t hear a damn thing! :smiley:


Being able to hear is nice for music, but techies can send email. As long as we can sit at the computer and type, we can communicate.


@ Mike - if I didn’t have the headphones on all day to drown out my own thoughts I’m pretty sure I’d never get anything done. :slight_smile:


That’s great, and I don’t have to feel guilty about making you deaf. By the way, there is a later edition of the posture sensor that uses blinking LED. It’s easier to ignore, but it works. My wife prefers it by a significant margin and has stopped slamming doors… .


It would work equally well as a nod-off sensor. Perhaps when it detects too much nodding it could automatically start up the coffee maker?


How about an ejection seat? :slight_smile:


With magic smoke detector, so anytime you kill an innocent part you’ll find yourself bouncing from the ceiling.


Perfect, :wink: it takes the user back to needing something to fix his stiff aching neck. :wink: