Module with DDR2/3 RAM Socket is possible?

If there was such a module is available, you could use an external memory to operate in the program - it can solve many of the problems with the lack of memory.

P.S… In other cases, just use chips with 512mbit / 2Gbit instead?

Gadgeteer sockets probably aren’t appropriate for this; you need lots of data lines, and I believe that traces need to be as short as possible, and as parallel as possible.

You also wouldn’t use DDR RAM, you’d use specialized SRAM chips such as those found on EMX/Spider and Hydra.

Actually the ram on the Hydra is SDRAM. IE SDR RAM. You don’t really get SDRAM modules anymore. They where big with the Pentium 1 era, but getting scarce.

Sorry, yes, SDRAM is what I meant (not SRAM). The “S” stands for “synchronous”, not “single-data-rate”. DDR is also synchronous, it’s DDR SDRAM.

I meaan somthing like

That is ROM, not RAM, and it is only 32KB big. NETMF can’t use it directly to store variables, it can onlt work like an SD card where you store data or files.

If that is what you want then you can look at:
It is 4MB, but I don’t know if the driver is ready yet.

I talk about RAM extension.

RAM can be extended, but the RAM must be connected to the processor in a certain way (not through Gadgeteer sockets), and support for this RAM must be compiled into the firmware. This is the technique used by EMX (Spider), Hydra, G120, and ChipworkX.

EEPROM is ROM, not RAM. It stands for “Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory”. You can think of it like flash. It was a predecessor to flash, I believe.

Thanks for advice =)