Module WiFi_RS21

I would like to create a wireless network with the module WiFi_RS21 because I would connect directly without windows phone not a WiFi network.

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Hi Noham, and welcome to the forums.

Can you please expand a little on what you’d like to do? You’d like to create a network between a Windows Phone and a Fez device, using the RS21 module? What mainboard do you have, I assume it’s a Spider, can you confirm? And are you wanting to confirm this might be possible or do you have these devices and just want to make it work?

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Yes I have a FEZ Spider, I install my module on a moving vehicle and would like to remotely control the vehicle via my Windows Phone. If I’m out I do not have WIFI so I have to create a network between my Fez Spider and Windows Phone. So I buy the WIFI module.

@ Hoham there are some posted projects which are very similar to what your building so you might want to have a look at them:

and another sample here:

If you don’t have wifi then this isn’t going to work as you can’t do an ad-hoc wifi connection (yet). Currently the solution to this is XBee as that is pretty much what XBee was designed for (as well as low power usage, long range etc).

I’ve seen this video, this project requires a person existing WiFi network.
How to make an ad-hoc network with the WIFI module???

We have been working on this very thing for the past few weeks. Phones do not work with adhoc and you do nog always have access point.

We do have a solution but nothing we can share yet. Check back in couple week maybe.

Hi Gus, Ok but if I want to connect with app Windows desktop ? application Windows Form standard ?

I am lost. Are you trying to connect to a phone or a desktop?

If it’s impossible for now, I want to try with a application Windows Form :slight_smile:

I like that ca is the WIFI module which Gadgeteer provide WIFI network to connect a remote application, I did not envis reconfigure the module Gadgeteer has every network change.


If you do not want to use WiFi - you can use Bluetooth or XBee.

Bluetooth (and your phone):

If you want longer ranges that Bluetooth, then you will need a 2x XBee devices, a gadgeteer board (to use one XBee) and a board to connect one of the XBee to your computer.

XBee for the robot:

And something like this for the laptop/desktop computer:

And 2 xbee modules:

I think /i know what you mean. With our today’s wifi offers, you can’t make a direct connection from phone/desktop and gadgeteer, you will need access point in the middle. You can use xbee or bluetooth as suggested by @ mhectorgatoHero

I guess another option might be to get a batter powered WiFi access point

Maybe something like this:

It also has 3G/4G capability that wasn’t described as being needed for this application. But this would add another way to control the device remotely,albeit with extra cost.

Another option might be to go GPRS (cellular) modem route:

For those who are not familiar with batter powered access points, the following recipe is provided:

2 c. sifted all-purpose flour
3 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
2 tbsp. sugar
1 egg
1 1/2 c. milk
3 tbsp. oil
Mix all together. Pour 3 tablespoons batter in skillet. Brown on both sides until batter is done.

Gotta love spel checkers! :slight_smile:


Ok I command Xbee :slight_smile: Thank you, Now I must to know what to develope for XBee WIFI for create a server :wink:

Are you planning on using WiFi? Yes or No

If Yes, then you don’t need the XBee.

If No, then you don’t need XBee Wifi, just XBee modules.

Here’s some info on the XBee community driver:

@ Noham - if your problem has been solved, be sure to mark the post with the answer. Personally, I like Mike’s recipe :slight_smile: