Module to connect Wii controllers is available to order

Got the boards earlier than expected.

Ordering info is on the community wiki page:

I have already mailed some of the modules. If you e-mailed about this module before and I haven’t responded, please accept my apologies and follow the link above for ordering information.

The link to the managed driver will be available soon.

Thank you for your support! ;D

OK so the guy from Canada will post the first question about international shipping, how much to ship 2 chuckies to Calgary, Alberta Canada?

Looking forward to taking advantage of 15 buttons and 2 joysticks per chuckie!!

Lets make it simple for now. Canada is free too (promotion until further notice). ;D

You can also support nynchuk. Both drivers are on code section :slight_smile:

Yet so simple, yet so much fun module

Yes, it does support both. ;D

And where is the teaser video? Feel free to add to wiki if you like.

Will try it with game slate beta.

Just sent payment for 2.



Thanks for extra. I’ll make sure to include a bonus with shipment. :wink:

You’ll need to update Game Slate’s code to use your module. Any chances you make forward em over and I’ll put it into the release.

Sure, I’ll send it tomorrow