Module to communicate with sattelite


I want to know if there is any module (not necessarily compatible with NETMF or Gadgeteer) that can give me internet access or at least enable me to send data to a satellite and the satellite will send the data to a web endpoint I already configured. The data size is 1kb maximum.

So far I found this module from GlobalStart

To my understand It enables satellite internet access, I’m sure there are other annual/monthly fees besides the module price but I couldn’t find any information on their website and contacted them via email multiple times by they didn’t reply.

Also that module has voice transmitting feature which I do not need.


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There’s at least one other person here who has used satellite comms from a netmf device (can’t remember who though sorry :frowning: ).

This thread in the forum and also a larger write up in Showcase.

For those who are interested, I found the following solutions:

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@ marwan - Very interesting! Have you checked into the costs? Do you need to subscribe?

I sent emails for both of them asking for the price, still waiting for replies.
For Iridium, I sent a request for a trial unit.

But as I mentioned in previous post, you have to be Irridium partner to get the module.

I found some re-sellers for the Iridium module with prices ranging from $285 to $395 but I think the actual price is much less than that because RockSeven (an Iridium partner who uses the module to build their RockBLOCK+ device) charges much less than that.