Modular Arduino?

No real details in the story, but this is an interesting development:

Not likely to equal the ease of use of Visual Studio and Gadgeteer, and I’m actually kinda of surprised it took this long. Shields are fine for some things, but they have some significant limitations, too.

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Next we’ll see a market for conversion plugs/sockets!

Copycats! Where are the patent trolls?

We gave them the options but they didn’t listen…
If only they listened


Interesting! I’m curious what this really is. The slide looks like it could be something similar to LittleBits.

looks like Gadgeteer DaisyLink.

We already have it. Its name is FEZ Medusa!

Like I’ve always said as Gadgeteer dudes we have been living everyone else’s dream for years. Perhaps someone should tell them about Gadgeteer.

@ Duke Nukem - we really need an awareness program for Gadgeteer

edit: before they get the new Arduino thing out

Well, that’s some great news!..

@ Duke Nukem - Nah let them sleep; We’ll be long gone with the market share before they relize it.

But seriously, this could be really big with such a large Arduino community and a heavyweight like Massimo Banzi himself announcing this. Especially if they open source this. I can definitely already see how many of these modules will be sold on Alibaba and the likes.

@ KiwiSaner - Yeah, I guess nobody can say they created a successful modular system until it appears on or alibaba :slight_smile: If Arduino does that, it will be very good to Gadgeteer, too!

can someone contact alibaba and say they have a “beta” prototype of this and then ship some 20 of the medusa shields XD

Instant win for gadgeteer

@ MRTFEREN - Maybe you can do that?

@ iamin - I don’t have any medusa modules on hand. :frowning:

@ Gary - Can I have about 20 medusa modules for free?

@ MRTFEREN - Without rereading the thread, why am I giving you 20 shields?

@ Gary - Because he (his avatar) is upside-down.

@ iamin - So your vote is that I send the shields? ;D

@ Gary - Well, my vote would be very biased, so I cannot vote.