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You are welcome! I see it now. 5 total products.

Keep up the good work. You can count me in for at least one of everything and hopefully more obviously. :dance:

GHI should display creator’s products in a more prominent way. I must have visited this site a hundred times before I discovered the Creations Section. :snooty:

It’s alive

Awesome! Looks like removing the pacifier did the trick! ;D

Wow, 17 Members, 5 Products :smiley:

Sweet! Now that we have it unlocked, let’s not stop listing modules!

Will add some more soon

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Will get mine up later…

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I don’t know if it’s polite to ask, but how are people doing selling these modules? What’s the model, are you just adding some extra units from something you were building just for yourself anyway? Are you purpose designing boards to fulfill some perceived niche? Has anyone ended up taking a major loss on anything.

I do like the idea and creating these sort of products and it is well within my skills, but I really can’t afford to take a loss on anything at the momen

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@ hagster - I wanted to ask the same question a few weeks ago… I was curious to know how many modules were sold by the members of this community so that I could get an idea if it is just us (me and Simon) who are doing so bad at selling our modules.

I have created some modules (one of which was released as Creation) because I needed them for personal use. At least I don’t see how you can make profit selling your own modules if you take into account the time you spend on designing, prototyping, testing, creating a driver and so on. But I would love to hear how are others doing. Maybe they are selling their modules in quantities of hundreds or even more.

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I’ve had 2 inquiries for my LCD modules and 1 confirmed order so not a lot of sales that it could become a second business. :slight_smile:

The mark up is very small, as non-commercial customers for small quantity builds, are not going to pay the usual amount I would charged based on selling being 3 times the build cost and unless we are building and selling these in the 1000’s there is no real profit margin as such as we can only get parts at 1 off prices most of the time for these sort of projects.

I put it more down to having fun and the joy that others are using what I have designed. I make enough for a few beers (beers are expensive here) and that’s about it.

Of course, if someone wanted to order 1000’s from me then that would be a big difference :slight_smile:

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I guess what we are seeing is the explanation of the GHI business decisions lately. I still think Gadgeteering is cool, but we are not seeing it take off as we could hope for. Module sales is probably never going to hundreds, as you can produce custom pcb when you go into production, using the open hardware schematics and SoMs.

I sold a few modules, but the income didn’t cover the expenditures. If you set the price too high, there is no interrest for your module. So I set the price as low as I can, so that it just covers the material costs and a little more to buy parts for new modules.
If I make a mistake e.g in the layout, and I have to order new PCBs, then I have a big minus. So all in all it’s just a hobby, and I don’t try to get rich from it.

It would be a nice second income if the orders were >100 (although a lot of work too), so I think that should be a goal for us…to spread the word of Gadgeteer! :slight_smile:


Personally, that’s a real goal that we can help on. If we want Gadgeteer to have widespread appeal, such that we get to a size where these modules become something that can be made successfully and with some profit (even if it’s just covering your whole cost including revisions of boards etc, and beer money) then we need more people in, and we need more evidence that it’s easy.

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Thanks to everyone for their honesty.

It definitely sounds like a sure fire way to loose money. I suspect GHI get substantially higher numbers, in part because of there deep connections with Gadgeteer, but also probably in part due to the easy web store(one stop shop). Maybe the Tindie market will change that for the privateer eventually.

Right now if I made a one off module for a hobby project I would consider building a second to see if it sells. And that would only work if the components were really cheap.

I think it gets really tough with something like Dave’s 5" screen (which does look really good BTW). I’m sure just the screen is fairly expensive in it’s own right and if you wanted to do the normal 2.5x mark up needed to actually make money the price would start to look ridiculous.

I don’t think the Gadgeteer platform was meant to ever be a “high volume” platform. For the pros, it’s meant to reduce the time/cost of prototyping when bringing up a new product. Unless you’re already in a closely related business that would benefit from this, reality is you’ll never make enough to live on just making/selling Gadgeteer/NETMF stuff.

Personally, I like making modules just for the experience. Covering my material costs with enough leftover to buy a new mainboard or two is what I consider a success. Getting to the point where the hobby financial sustains itself would really make my wife (and hence, life) happy :slight_smile: I also really like the “distributed collaboration” model we do here in the spirit of OSHW. Working through all the details of taking an idea all the way to working hardware is really rewarding, particularly when you can share it with others who have similar aspirations.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

The display price landed is around $100 so yes, making them and re-selling at a true markup would make them way too expensive. The price breaks are not listed and 10 is still the same price each. :frowning:

All in all I’ve just about covered the costs for the DSLR modules. The imps are never going to cover the costs as the sd card socket I had to use was very expensive but as others have said its a hobby and I was expecting low volumes anyway.
One way to expand the markets would be to always break out the pins to headers so the module can be used with arduino and write a driver to go along with it.
Threadneedle is still very low volumes and now the cerb firmware is closed the only other option I have for it is to use the mountaineer firmware to get 4.3 support. Haven’t get round to testing that yet though. We shall see what the future holds. Maybe the new focus for IoT from MS will help but we all need MS to get behind what we are doing. A bit of support from them telling the world about the community wouldn’t go amiss.

As others have noted, my bar was really just being able to share something I created and cover my cost of production and shipping. Module creation wasn’t something I ever saw as a major money-making operation. Combination of learning and sharing, plus a little gadget money. In that sense, it’s been successful for me.

100% agreement!