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I’m in too…

I’m in. 3 to go?

Oh yah! (aka count me in)

This is a much better response than I expected! Would folks mind putting up a tentative list of modules they have and/or are thinking about, along with what continent you’re on? Hopefully this will avoid too many duplicates in the same region. I’m all for competition, but out of the gate it would be great to have time to establish ourselves before having to think about what our neighbors are up to.

Justin is exempt from this request for obvious reasons (too many to list ::slight_smile: )

My contributions from N. America:


GPS - using MTK3339.


Bluetooth 2

@ ransomhall

Very good idea!

I’m also interrested in a nRF24L01+ module, as I have a few from dx here and want to build a cheap network.

My thoughts are:

  • OLED Module (SSD1306) (I saw that Justin already built one!)
  • Vibration Detection Module (Sensolute mvs 060802)
  • Memory Display (Sharp LS013B4DN04)
  • GadgeteerCable Tester --> already under construction

Anyone interrested in some of the modules?
The Memory Display looks very interresting as it consumes very little power!

WiFi module using the Bluegiga WF121 module in final testing from North America.

I’ve already added my 5" LCD :slight_smile:

I joined, but don’t have any product (yet) to list.

I think we need 10 people listing something to unlock the market…

I would if I had hardware to sell :frowning:

Uh…that makes it more difficult ???

Shouldn’t be hard. Justin alone can cover the whole 10.
I put one listing and 2-3 more are coming.

Can you sell second hand gadgeteer modules? I’m sure a few more people have some unwanted modules they would sell.

Yes, you can.

Do we need 10 products, or 10 different persons each with minimum 1 product?

looks like 10 members - not everybody needs to sell a module, though.

I registered with a dummy product, but the market is still closed. :wall:

I like the idea a lot, keep the modules coming!

I have joined, hope it helps ???

@ njbuch - That is one expensive pacifier! Does it have LEDs? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

@ Simon from Vilnius - By the way. I don’t see your power module in that market for some reason. The details page doesn’t show the gadgeteer market tag in the list of markets as well.

@ Architect - Indeed! Thanks for noting. Fixed.