Modify RTC

I have a problem with my card FEZ CERB40. I’d like to change the speed of the internal clock (RTC) but I do not know how to do so if you can help me it would be nice please. Thank you. :slight_smile:

what do you want to achieve? Double the ticks?

Overclock the board?

Build a time travel device?

The RTC is not the internal clock.

I think the guys would like you to explain what your problem is, so we can try to help you.

Hi, I want to change the clock frequency of the card (FEZ CER 40), it has a maximum frequency of 168 MHz, but according to one of my teachers it doesn’t reach the max frequency. I need to send frames at high frequencies. Do you think this is possible and how? Sorry for my bad english.

Firstly, you will not be able to achieve this by altering the RTC. The RTC is simply for time keeping, nothing more.

To do any sort of overclocking, you will need to alter the main crystal according to the specifications of that chip. You will then need to recompile the firmware with changes that reflect the altered crystal specifications. However, remember that you are loosing some speed due to interpretation. If you need to access things in a more timely manor, you can make use of RLPLite, which is native.

The Ethernet support is done via SPI, which limits the throughput of the device. What are your expectations for data throughput?

It’s possible your teacher isn’t correct, too. It would be good for you to tell us how your teacher came to this conclusion. I don’t know what “frames” specifically you’re talking about so if you could explain that too, it might help.

My teacher gave me a new directive, I will explain why I have increased the frequency. He asked me to raise the consumption of the card when it is at its max frequency (168Mhz). “General consumption will depend on the internal clock.” What do you think? Internal clock is already set to max it?

@ mous - Since this is for a course, one of the the goals is for you to learn how to obtain the information to answer your question. The best source of this type information would be the manufacturers technical manual for the chip. It will discuss clock rates and power consumption.