Model train plc

Hi all

I have project to create a plc to control model train with .Net Gadgeteer on FEZ Spider II Mainboard.
I am software developer having very some knowledge on hardware and electronic

At first, I will have 48 digital inputs and 50 digital outputs.
For output, I test MaxO modules and everay things are ok.
My problem are on digital inputs, I don’t find any modules.
Do somebody can guide me ?

Thanks in advance,

Would something like this help ?

This is a discontinued product, but make a request and someone might offer one for sale :wink:

@ sebillen - How many digital IOs do you need exactly?

or a pair of DL40’s ?

Can you tell us more about the digital input requirements, whether you need pure digital input or whether you were expecting interrupts ? What are they connected to - track position sensing (and if so what kind - reed switches of some kind?) or control input from a human?

Thanks for your answer,

It will be pure 48 * digital input, coming from button (point position command), other human controls or train presence signal.
FEZ Spider II signals will be isolated from Train signal by K1010B photocoupler.

I check DL40, it seem ok, can I chain modules like Max0 to multiply digital inputs ?
IO60P16 seem a little more hard - some source code example ? where make the request ?


Take a look at this. Using Sparkfun’s CD74HC4067 board.

Link to train related

I think this might be a better solution:

@ Mike -

I can live with that!

Great guys,
Like I am not electronic guy, how can connect and use theses cards on FEZ Spider II Mainboard ?
Some samples ?

I find SX1509 I/O Expander Breakout Hookup Guide, I will try with it.

DL40’s are daisylink devices so yes you can chain them.

Hi Brett,

I import DL40_43 module in my project and try to use public byte ReadRegister(byte address)
I don’t understand link between address and pin mark on module (ex: p0.8, P3.1…)
Can you help me ?
I look for to catch an incoming signal +5V.

Thanks in advance,

@ sebillen -

Take a look at: DL40 - Pulse Counter Sample by taylorza