Modbus support

It would be great if you add Modbus support to your library as CAN and 1-wire.

Modbus TCP (Master and Slave) and also RTU (Master and Slave). That would open lots more possibilities to use of your products in automation things.

As far as I know there are no support for Modbus at this time but there are some projects going on but never know when those are in stable state ::slight_smile:

Well, thats the beauty of open source. Nobody prevents you from adding/creating support for Modbus.
Maybe a good start would be: [url][/url]

I’m sure there are others interested in Modbus, and with joining forces you should be fairly quick on track.


BTW, welcome to the wonderful TinyCLR world :wink:

Well, I only have got my onboard LED flashing… :-[

But you are right Modbus support can be programmed! :slight_smile: It will not be my first task but maybe someday I will ::slight_smile:

Thanks EriSan500 for the link and especially for the greetings!

Free library for control modbus protocol in c#,,c++ ===>

Interesting, but it’s simply a .dll and therefore can’t be used from NETMF. It’s also a “free personal edition” of a commercial library.

spammers, smart little suckers aren’t they. They even target specific somewhat relevant posts !

If it’s a relevant post, is it spam? Hmm…

This one’s not really, though, since it’s a Windows .dll library.

You guys clicked that link??? I don’t even hoover over the link :wink:

If this is still relevant for you: have you taken a look at Mario Vernaris Modbus implementation for NETMF?

nice :slight_smile: i noticed that Gus posted a comment on this blog back in march.