Modbus is in TinyCLR 2.0

Thanks to @Reinhard_Ostermeier we now have added Modbus as a standard TinyCLR package. Many of our customers use Modbus and they had to do the work themselves but now it is a built in feature.


That is excellent, as we use modbus for many things…Thanks…!


Gus, I am still to test the Slave functions as there was an issue with them under NETMF. I will report back later what I find. The Master functions are all good to go.

Hi, are there any examples when I want to use the SC20260 as a modbus slave?

I’ve removed the G120 from the board and replaced with the SCM20260N and the board is working fine. I’ve ported the TinyCLR1.0 to 2.0 and also started on a Modbus slave test program. I will set this up shortly with a Schneider ATV312 variable speed drive and see if I can read both of the on the same bus. I know from the past that the previous G120 version would crash when the Master was talking to the VSD. I’ll report what I find in a few days time.

After G120 was removed and the pads cleaned up ready for the SCM20260N

Ready for testing.


What is great about SITCore and TinyCLR is that we are full force on them so please keep this great feedback coming and we will take care of any needed improvements and help in any possible way.


Does that include proper HID support? It currently is in backlog.