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This would be sweet for this forum…





I have am begging for this!

PLEASE josh :frowning:




OMG just folowed the link. sooooo coooool!! please can we have this??


I finally picked up a book about iPhone development. I’m already a registered and paying dev for the past two years (beta testing new iOS releases) so maybe once my summer vacation starts I can put aside my electronic stuff long enough to start working on a Forum software via the forum API I’ve seen a while ago.

Should I ever get to the point that it would be stable enough to pass Apple app approval, could I just release a free forum app or would that cause any licencing and/or trademark issues?


@ Xykon Check this out.


I don’t see any problems. Forum API is open and I am sure if you’ll have a free version of the iPhone app, the community will appreciate it a lot


The mobile forum is for sure on our list right after we release the all new tinyclr.