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Mission Accomplished!


Just want to let you know that the WiKi Thai Translation of the eBook is done!

The reason that I want to do this translation is that GHI has Two distributors in Thailand. And a lot of boards that is selling on the TinyClr’s Hardware is produced in Thailand.(No affiliation)

This is not an easy task because I haven’t been seriously using the language for more than ten years.
My interpretation may be off, but I tried to keep it close to the original as I could.
The structure of Thai language is totally different as the language(English) I’m using everyday now.
The way Thai’s place words in the sentence is difference, one misplace can lead to misunderstanding.
The way I write the language might not be the same way as they are using right now.
But I will have my Thai friends(the Pandit) check on this.

One goal that I want to do is try us Thai to describe thing instead of using English over Tha to describe thing.
Which is what the technical book writers (in Thai) are using in their book right now.
I know that using word in Thai trying to describe the original English technical terms is not that easy!

I would like to thank Gus that encourage me to do this translation. And the opportunity to do so.
I had learn a lot more about the technologies doing this translation.
And hoping that this translation would benefit to someone who want to learn more on the technologies like me.

Cheer! Now I can have more time having fun with my FEZ!

Thanks and Happy New Years to All!!



Good job Sam!


Sam, you have done a lot of work on wiki plus you have translated the book. I really want to than you for all the hard work.

1000 points are added and I owe you one next time you shoot me an email :wink:


great job sam! translation is not an easy work…


Yes, that was one major advantage of translating the book. I have learned thing which I did not know yet.