Missing Configuration.Heap.CurrentCustomHeapSize?

Hi all,

Am I right and is it no longer possible to change the size of the heap?
At least, the member function mentioned above no longer seems to be available.
Or did it move to another class?

@ JdV - Pretty sure it doesnt exist in 4.2 anymore

see this post http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=9143&page=1#msg91197

The release notes of V4.2 don’t mention this.
Also, the Watchdog class is missing.
Any chance this functionality will be available soon?

Questions you will have to wait for an answer from GHI i would expect…

Yes it is fixed now.

@ Gus - Thanks Gus - now go and have coffee :wink:

@ Gus

I guess we will have to wait for the next release then?
Is there any (beta) release scheduled in the near future?

It will always be fixed. I think it is 4mb. Why do you need to change it?

Oh, I didn’t completely understand your previous answer.

I understood the item was fixed and thought there would be a future update giving us back the option to change it again.
But you meant it is fixed and it will remain fixed at the current value.

Right now I can live with the current value. In v4.1 with Glide however I had to change heap size to 4 Mb.
I ran into this item while updating to v4.2 since the class is no longer there.

We studied this some more and we think fixed is easier for our customers, especially with large displays becoming part of every project.