I’ve been waiting on a specific battery charger from Adafruit for almost 6 months and it’s finally arrived!

I’ve updated the GameSlate case with a load of features and named it MiniNuke.

Here’s the setup:
FEZ Hydra
RFID reader
2 Buttons
SD Card
2700 mAh LiPo
LiPo Charger (USB & Barrel Jack)
3.3 -> 5v convert
and a Switch (connecting battery at both 3.3 AND 5v)

Have I mentioned lately how happy I am that Skewworks enables me to get all this cool GHI gear? :smiley:

Love that intro screen! :wink:

So, does MiniNuke run Duke Nukem?

It does support the Tiny3D engine :wink:

Mini-Nuke continues the Fallout line of gear. It will be the little brother to the Cobra II’s PLASMID (hey a new reference there, finally!) which will be the bad boy all-in-one diagnostic Gadgeteer board.

I’ve already tested out using the music module with an audio amp and the current power rig; it can handle the CP7, et all. :smiley:

Interesting case. What is it?

It’s case of thin plastic meant, I think, for storing small craft or sewing supplies. They carry several sizes at my local supermarket; this one is less than $3 which makes it perfect for quick small cases. And since it is so thin I can cut it with a hobby knife.


So cool and so Gadgeteer.

This just got interesting. :slight_smile:

I don’t have my kids until tonight and my fiance is working a double-shift so I thought I’d put a little work into this.

Using the Aphelion core (experimental core that will upgrade Tinkr) I’ve got bi-directional multi-appdomain communication working flawlessly.

The Gadgeteer app loads up all the components and instances the core.
Next it launches a full NETMF application (not Skewworks standard, just a regular NETMF project), which also references the Aphelion core.
When the new AppDomain is created the Core reference is the new domain is replaced with the default domain’s reference, automatically.
A MessageClient is then created and added to the core which can send and receive messages between the domains.

Long story short, default domain tells the shelled app about an RFID that has been read and the shelled app tells the default domain to change the color of the RGBLED accordingly.

Input from buttons and joystick are automatically shuttled over to the active control inside the core as well. I’m going to have too much fun with this one. :wink:

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