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MiniNuke Mark III


GHI hardware + Skewworks software + 3D printer = Sweeet. :smiley:

Meet my new testing & diagnostics tool the MiniNuke Mark III. It started off in a $1 flimsy plastic case I bought and cut holes in (I believe the case was originally intended to store thread or some such). Then it got an acrylic case from GHI (which, yeah, I could have designed better). And now it has it’s final home in a 3D printed case.

Hydra powered with T35, Ethernet, joystick, 2 buttons, SD card and USB Serial. It’s also got a LiPo battery with charger (barrel jack & usb). I’ll be using this to test out my GUI software as well as trouble shoot various things.

And if you’re interested here’s what I learned from 3D printing the case.

  1. I don’t care if your measurements are perfect, the print won’t be so you’d better lay in some wiggle room.

  2. 2mm is an ideal case thickness

  3. Faceplates aren’t a great idea if you don’t bare in mind lesson 1

  4. A gap of 1mm in your design will leave you a gap of nothing on a real print, make your buffer sizes bigger than that!

  5. A bump of 1mm will be greater than 1mm.

  6. Hairspray + blue painters tape is an excellent way to prevent warping.


Cool. Glad you got it worked out. Do you feel like the tolerance problems are specific to that printer? Is there a draft print vs. high quality print option?


I believe it’s a bit of both. I did run this at a custom speed…after 6 days of working on the darn thing I may have gotten slightly impatient.

I’m still very happy with it.

I’m going to take a nice break from the headaches of 3D printing, but when I come back I think I’ll be making a little GPS cube w/ the Cerb40 and OLED screen. I’ll print that one at top resolution. :slight_smile:


Very nice… I’m so jealous about the 3D Printer.

Now put a circular scroll wheel on it and call it the iNuke Classic. Then lawyer up and go into hiding.


You need to add a little keyboard to the front of it and it would look like the old Apple II’s we had in school :smiley:


Heh maybe I should grab one of those from Sparkfun. :slight_smile:


@ Ian - NETMF PC Mark III is on the way too :smiley:

The screen slides into a base with a recline of 45deg…though the Mac is tempting :wink: